CAS Consulting Services

Consulting services for everything you need for a successful Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAS/CAAS) practice

No matter where you are in your CAS journey, the CAS consulting services are designed to deliver you the power you need at each stage. Before we start working together, you will be able to customize the scope of the CAS consulting project based on multiple key factors that suit your firm. 

CAS/CAAS Leader Consulting Services

A firm-wide CAS empowerment program for firms that:

This is a premium consulting arrangement in which:


CAS Growth Phase Consulting Services

Perfect for firms that: 

This is an advanced consulting arrangement in which:

CAS Getting Started Consulting Services

Suitable for firms that are thinking of, or just getting started with, offering client accounting services.

Typically, the program: 

After that, there is an optional but highly recommended quarterly customized guidance review for a year. 

Unsure / undecided which CAS Consultation Service is a fit for your firm? Purchase an hour of "no-further-obligation" consultation. If you later decide to purchase any of the Leader, Growth or Start CAS consultation, the fee you pay for the "no-further-obligation" consultation will be adjusted in your later purchase.