AiCCOUNTANTS Accountants Augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

The What, Why, and How of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Accountants

No previous knowledge about AI is required.

AI is way more than an amusement gimmick. At its core, AI is a powerful tool that can make accounting firm operations, analytics, decision-making, and client services more efficient, impactful, and insightful. It results in clients being more delighted and, importantly, firm staff being more productive, engaged, and happier.

Unfortunately, other than starting to use publicly available AI tools, firm leaders who want to leverage artificial intelligence professionally often don’t know where to start. AI journey can feel overwhelming—it requires firms to analyze existing processes, make new choices for software solutions, decide the priorities for applying AI automation, and prepare every part of the firm for the transition.

In this essential AI guide exclusively for accountants, Hitendra Patil defogs the enigma of implementing AI, simplifies the understanding of AI fundamentals with several accounting-specific examples, and presents a roadmap to launching AI initiatives that will get predictable results. With real-world AI examples about common accounting work processes to trigger your own ideas, you’ll learn how to identify high-impact AI opportunities, prepare your firm for a planned AI transition, and measure the performance of your AI initiatives.

You will discover:

Accountants-specific, simple, easy-read, and compelling, Rise of The AiCCOUNTANTS™ gives accountants the insights and information they need without the complexities of software programming, data science, or technological jargon. So whether you want to jumpstart your AI learning, AI experimentation, AI implementation strategy, plan and execute your AI initiatives for enhanced outcomes for your clients as well as your firm, or get inspired to create your own AI tools (without being a programmer), Rise of The AiCCOUNTANTS™ is your blueprint for AI success.

This essential AI guidebook aims to provide accountants with a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including its implications for the accounting profession. contains:

What you'll learn from this "easy-read" book:

AiCCOUNTANTS Accountants Augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must-read for any accountant looking to stay competitive and relevant in the AI age.