AiCCOUNTANTS Accountants Augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The What, Why, and How of Artificial Intelligence for Accountants

Aiccountants is intended to be the essential go-to guide - for any accountant looking to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology - from an accountant's point of view.

This essential guidebook aims to provide accountants with a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including its implications for the accounting profession.

The book contains:

What you'll learn from the book:

The book provides practical advice on how accountants can leverage AI to improve their practice. It covers a lot about AI, from automating routine tasks to providing insights and predictions. It also provides a roadmap for accountants to adopt AI technology in their practice by explaining how to identify the right use cases and select the right tools.

"Aiccountants Accountants Augmented by Artificial Intelligence" is a must-read for any accountant looking to stay competitive and relevant in the AI age. It provides a thorough understanding of AI technology, its potential in the accounting profession, and practical advice on leveraging it to improve your practice.


Wayne Berson

Chief Executive Officer, BDO USA

"This is a must-read for anybody working in Client Accounting Services (CAS). The roadmap is there; just follow it!"

Allan Koltin

CEO - Koltin Consulting Group

"Leverage the insights from this book to take advantage of the quick-moving opportunities in CAS."

Ed Mendlowitz

Partner, WithumSmith+Brown PC

"Everything necessary to start offering CAS & complete guide to best practices in managing a CAS niche."

Joey Havens

Managing Partner for Strategic Growth, HORNE LLP

"Hitendra has compiled an extensive book on Client Accounting Services (CAS) that would serve as a great resource for any firm providing, expanding or considering these services."

Steve Novak

Sr. Director,

"The comprehensive nature of the book makes it a great manual for firms offering or looking to start providing CAS/CAAS.. This is the only, one of its kind book I have seen."

Jeff Wilson II, CPA

CPA Practice Advisor 40 under 40

".t's a must-have book if you are in the CAS/CAAS , whether you just starting or are seasoned in CAS/CAAS. The book provides a very detailed "How-To". 


Randy Johnston

Chairman and CEO

Network Management Group

“In Accountaneur, there are insights on how accounting and tax professionals can turn technology expenditures into a competitive advantage, with the additional benefit of more take-home revenue for the practitioner.”

Chester Elton

New York Times 

Best-selling Author

“What impressed me the first time I met Hitendra is his drive to help others reach their potential. This book does just that. If you are in the accounting profession, or thinking about it, you must read this book!”

Allan D. Koltin, CPA

CEO, Koltin Consulting 

Group Inc.

“Entrepreneurs create wealth and opportunities for others. Entrepreneurial accountants make it possible for entrepreneurs. Accountaneur® is a probing question-bank for accountants who want to be entrepreneurial.”

Amit Chandel, CPA 


Focus CPA Group, Inc.

“The business owners in this economy are looking to the professional – their CPA – to guide them and lead them to success and growth. The book will help an accountant to bring about this change and become an Accountaneur. This change is not a choice. Is inevitable if accountants are to survive and thrive".

Ronald J. Baker


Implementing Value Pricing

Following the brisk advice in this book—from changing your business model to a focus on developing your firm’s human capital, and more. 

This special book will keep your firm relevant as we encounter an increasingly turbulent and changing marketplace.”

Martin Bissett


The Upward Spiral Partnership

"I define the critical behaviours and mindset that underpins any leadership development program for growth-minded firms. Accountaneur helps you get into that growth-mindset through a deeper understanding of how to entrepreneurially apply the power of behavioral sciences and technology to your practice.”