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Author of "What Motivates Me" & "All In," NY Times Best-Seller

I have known Hitendra for many years now and worked with him on many projects. What I love about Hitendra the most is his keen and curious mind. He is always looking for ways to make thing better, to make them more effective and also interesting. He is a delight to work with and always delivers on his promises.

If you ever have the chance to work with this fine man, I know you will come away having had a wonderful experience and without a doubt, you will have learned something new!

I recommend Hitendra without hesitation and with great pride. He is a good man.


Radio Talk-Show Host, The Soul of Enterprise at VoiceAmerica Talk Radio

“The World Bank reports that 80 percent of the developed world’s wealth resides in human capital, illustrating that we’ve been in a knowledge economy since the 1950s. Yet most accounting firms are utilizing a business model developed during the Industrial Era, with a relentless focus on efficiency and a “we sell time” mentality. Hitendra Patil sets out to challenge this sclerotic thinking in Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant. General Eric Shinseki was fond of saying, “If you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less.” Following the brisk advice in this book—from changing your business model to a focus on developing your firm’s human capital, and more—will keep your firm relevant as we encounter an increasingly turbulent and changing marketplace.”

Publisher, Managing Partner at Insightful Accountant

I have known Hitendra for about 10 years. He has a knack for, and deep knowledge of technology, technology trends and applications for specific needs. In addition to his technical knowledge, his book "Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant", is a great resource for accountants who need a framework and some guidance in growing their firm. We worked with him to publish some excerpts of his book in Insightful Accountant which were well read by our audience.

I look forward to working with him in the future and to seeing what next new technology he introduces me to.

Business Owners I Help Plan Exit Strategies,Tax Planning & Tax Problem Resolution for Businesses & Individuals

Having worked with Hitendra and his team has been a boon for my boutique CPA practice. His positivity and realistic optimism and pragmatic approach to issues are a plus and highly encouraging. His depth and breadth of understanding of the accounting profession and especially the needs of a CPA firm’s practice needs make him a highly effective practice growth strategist. He has helped me to not only re-engineer my practice but due his ability of understanding the idiosyncrasies of the CPA and sharing my load has enabled me to garnish scarce time to open doors and avenues towards which I wanted my practice to go. I am looking forward to his team becoming my complete back office so that I concentrate on building my tax planning practice. His ability to think of, identify and execute solutions to challenges unique to my practice have put me on a transformative journey to my dream practice. Hitendra it has been a delight to work with you and you are a hidden nugget that I wish I had run into moons ago. Furthermore, I am glad to recommend Hitendra and his team to anyone needing his services and am positive you will like me never regret your decision.

Dedicated to providing actionable intelligence and practical advice for the tax, finance and accounting community

Hitendra combines an acute understanding of the tax and accounting business with a worldly education on the essential principles of success and specific skills in business process engineering and digital technologies. His is a voice that is listened to and, for those who are smart enough to understand his qualifications, to heed.

"Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Consultant for CPAs and Other Advisors"​

I have known Hitendra for over a year as C.O.O. at Pransform Inc. I find him to be one of the most innovative technology solution providers for the accounting profession in today's market place. Hitendra partners in the success of his clients and lives on the cutting edge of technology efficiency for CPAs worldwide.

Independent Banking Professional

When I joined CDSL as its first Managing Director in October/November 1998, the organization was still in the pangs of birth without the Regulator's approval and without the IT and other setups in total readiness to be operational and meeting the strictest standards specified by the Depositories Act.

To add to these issues, negotiations with the existing NSDL for a reliable online system of inter Depository transfers proved dilatory. In these circumstances which were challenging, I relied on a few of the officers who were already on board at the CDSL. I was surprised with their level of understanding of the issues confronting us and their deep commitment to succeed in establishing CDSL.

Mr. Hitendra Patil was one such officer whose knowledge, commitment, and capability to bring up original solutions were of immense help. He willingly cooperated with others in the team and was frank in his opinions in team meetings, which saw the emergence of optimum solutions.

I have no hesitation in stating that he was one of the builders of CDSL which today is a strong organization. I wish him all the best in whatever he enjoys doing, one of which is institutional building.

Producing Artistic Director at CPA Theatricals, Inc.

Hitendra is ultra professional. His care and attention to detail is extraordinary. He is a leader without being overbearing and it has been not only profitable working with him but a joy.